Friday, November 05, 2010

GOP Resilience in Broward County – Richard DeNapoli’s Plan is Needed

Throughout the now concluded election season, one person’s analysis of precincts, ability to organize BREC and willingness to lend crucial ground war advice to all candidates stood out above the rest. Richard DeNapoli’s knowledge of the numbers and his ability to use them to our advantage was unparalleled throughout the last cycle. Broward Republicans need him as our Chairman going forward into this crucial redistricting term.

A prolonged battle to safeguard Broward County’s few Republican seats is already shaping up. This battle should not only be of interest to Republicans, but to all who want to see strengthened cooperation between Broward County and our state government, with jobs and opportunity coming to Broward.

Richard DeNapoli has also released a plan to strengthen the local clubs and to enhance BREC activism. I won’t rehash the details, as a copy of his plan was sent out to each committeeperson, but I will say that his ideas are just what the doctor ordered for a stronger local party.

Unmatched Competence – DeNapoli Kept the Broward GOP Afloat During an Impossible Election Season

As Treasurer, Richard DeNapoli singlehandedly revived Republican coffers in a year in which little money flowed, and whatever did generally went directly to candidates. Richard DeNapoli used his position, his ingenuity and his ability to place the Broward GOP into a solid financial position, while 90% of people were tapped out donating to candidates.

The primary roles of Chairman are to a) devise a winnable battle plan, b) to fundraise enough to be able to see it through and c) to motivate others to volunteer for a better tomorrow. Richard has accomplished much in all of the above areas and his election is crucial to the success and expansion of BREC.

A True Leader

During the past cycle, DeNapoli made himself available to all who asked for his advice. His grasp of the numbers and analysis of precincts was unequaled by any other Republican advisor.

I’ve seen candidates in nearly impossible races pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars. As someone who has advised many myself, and who has been horrified by how outside consultants charge way above the norm to do virtually nothing for first time candidates (and who has refused to do same, for candidate after candidate), I can attest first hand to how rare Richard’s honesty is in today’s political climate.

Furthermore, Richard didn’t just support candidates with big and flashy names. He offered some of the best advice available to any good candidate who asked. He also encouraged disheartened primary supporters to rally behind our slate of nominees.

That’s someone who cares. And that’s someone who will make a great Chairman.

A Team of Leaders

He can’t do it alone. Michael DeGruccio, a leader who spends weekend after weekend and many long nights helping the party, needs to stay on as Secretary. He, like DeNapoli, is also one of the best minds in Broward County. And after outgoing Chairwoman Cindy Guerra and Vice-Chair Ken Haiko’s spectacular performances in only six months on the job, their importance to the movement speaks for itself. They took the job temporarily and they worked it as if it were their lives’ missions.

Broward chairmen have a long history of excellence. No senator has worked harder on the job than outgoing Sen. George LeMieux, who cut his teeth in politics as Chairman of the Broward GOP. Richard DeNapoli will need their past insights, as well as all of our support, to be the excellent chairman that he can be, but no one is better positioned to do just that.

In the end, Richard DeNapoli became the undisputed Maestro of the ’10 election in Broward County. He represents unparalleled brilliance and dedication and he will organize and reinvigorate Broward Republicans like no other.

He needs our help and support. And he deserves nothing less.

Yomin Postelnik
Chair, A Better Florida PAC’
Broward Committeeman, Precinct B007

PS A Better Florida PAC’s mission is to elect good Republican candidates and to advocate for needed policy. A Better Florida PAC generally abstains from making recommendations on local REC positions, except in cases which are deemed necessary for redistricting efforts. The above is one such case.