Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Pick Excellent, Strategy Superb

John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for Vice President is as good as they come. Not only is she immensely qualified, she resonates well with the public. On a more superficial level, but important for vote getting, it makes the McCain, now the McCain-Palin, ticket a historic one.

Gov. Palin was mentioned all along, yet with the help of the campaign's well oiled media machine, the previously hushed pick seems surprising. It can also have long term reverberations for the GOP's expansion efforts. Palin is a mother of 5 with a very special baby who has Downs Syndrome. Her husband Todd is known for his athletic accomplishments and working class routes.

The way that Team McCain went about announcing the selection was superb. The timing was perfect and gives campaigners a lesson in how to do this. Unlike the Obama camp, Team McCain made sure that no leak was made and the announcement erased the coverage of Obama's misleading acceptance speech. Announcing the surprising and exciting pick the morning after his opponent's main speech was a fantastic move, to say the least.

With his funny TV ads, lively personality and great campaign skills, the GOP's selection of McCain as nominee has proven to be a good one. Of course, we knew this from his heroic personal record, his committed conservatism on social issues and his 20 plus year commitment to reigning in spending, something that is needed and that he fought his own party on to advance.

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