Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Congratulations, But Sincere Advice

Far more important than congratulating the new President-elect, is to give him the advice he needs to guide this nation well. He may not take it. In large part, I suspect he won’t. And that would be both his loss and that of the nation. But it is our duty as citizens to give it, and sometimes doing so may have a beneficial effect upon the nation’s wellbeing.

Much of President-elect Obama’s rhetoric shows that he naively believes that negotiation with terrorists will solve the world’s problems. He has yet to learn that such action only emboldens them. We must be vocal reminders of same.

President-elect Obama also risks falling for economic advice that suit only the holders of the monopolies from which he takes it. It is not for nothing that investment institutions whose existence date back almost to the founding of this nation have filled his campaign coffers with unprecedented wealth. In return, and largely unbeknownst to him, they seek unprecedented control over his policies, and due to his inexperience and lack of expertise, he can easily be persuaded. He will need our determined and vocal guidance. Only our pressure can lead him to realize what is truly in the interest of the middle class.

Another key demographic that will play for the President-elect’s support are activist groups. The dangers of placating them and the havoc that their agendas can wreak on the middle class and on society as a whole, do not seem to be realized by the President-elect. If he wishes to be a president who truly serves his nation, he must resist the urge to listen to them, even though they are his biggest supporters.

Along those lines, I’d like to offer a few suggestions:

President-elect Obama, if you are serious about bringing change and expanding minority opportunity then demand that financial literacy be a part of every high school curriculum, so that graduating students have some business skills and understand the pitfalls of credit, as well as the tangible benefits of hard work and savings. To this end I’d be happy to donate a course I wrote on this subject to the cause.

Then take the advice and idea of Dr. Marion Thorpe, former Chief Medical Officer of the State of Florida, who just ran for Congress in that state. Encourage and promote lifeskills training, in which students learn job skills, how to resist peer pressure and how to detect and avoid harmful relationships.

Then switch the focus of the war on drugs from arrest to confiscation and destruction. Destroy the drugs that plague minority areas to the extent that such is possible. A lot can be accomplished in this area. Then make the criminal justice system more rehabilitative and remove the focus from incarceration, along the lines outlined herein -

Note that these are conservative ideas and implementing them would be the conservative thing to do. Conservatism is the most compassionate philosophy and one that produces the most beneficial results. Not nanny-statism.

Additionally, President-elect Obama, and this part is more controversial, show political courage in defense of minorities and speak out against Planned Parenthood’s targeting of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. I understand that you are pro-choice and that you have no intention of switching sides on this issue, but certainly you are not pro-abortion. You must at least wish to reduce the number of abortions. Certainly you object to the targeting and destruction of the potential birth of the next great moralist, scientist, educator or even the next minority President by a group that targets minorities for abortion.

Lastly, be fair to those who oppose you. You would do yourself no favor by being anything but, nor would you be serving your own political interests. Strongly resist any temptation to deviate from this precept. Your leadership and your legacy will be judged accordingly.

And now some advice to fellow conservatives:

Guide this man. Make it very well known when you are doing so, so that the left can’t take credit for the success of our policies, policies that their side has fought to destroy and would do so if given the chance. But do guide him. Do correct him. Take full credit when that credit is due, but don’t let him falter or give way to his harmful misconceptions to the detriment of the nation.

If Democrats had supported the President, President Bush, on foreign affairs and other key issues when he was right, they’d still be worthy of being a party. They did not. And because of this, despite last night’s election results, they are no longer worthy of consideration in the minds of thinking Americans.

Let us not be like them, for then we would deserve their fate as well. Specifically, let us help our new President-elect. Let us guide him so that the nation may be saved. But when we do so, let us make sure that all know that it was our conservative principles and policies, and only our principles and policies, that saved the nation. For if we don’t publicize this fact, the message will never be taught and the dangers of liberalism will never be learned.

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