Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marion Thorpe for US Senate - The Only Way the GOP Can Keep its Florida Seat

Campaign Alert:

  • Why Dr. Marion Thorpe is the only candidate (aside from Jeb, who is not running) who can beat the DailyKos' anointed candidate, Kendrick Meek.
  • The image of Obama rallying his base to support Meek in the midterm will be more than enough to get them going. But Obama cannot vilify Marion Thorpe, who is well known and liked in the areas that turned out heavily for him in 2008, even if this candidate is a conservative Republican.
  • Marion Thorpe moots the impact of Kendrick Meek. He has a track record of bringing thousands of minority voters to the GOP, or of at least getting them to vote for him based on his honesty and by the way he communicates his platform.
  • What you can do today to ensure that the Senate seat currently held by Republicans stays in GOP hands, with the great and proven conservative leadership of Dr. Marion Thorpe.

Dear Friends:

Dr. Marion Thorpe Jr. is a real conservative, one who is strong on moral values, national security and who understands the vital importance of small business and entrepreneurship. For the reasons outlined below, he is also the GOP’s' most electable candidate and one who can boost our numbers nationwide.

Two things stand out about a potential Marion Thorpe candidacy:

  • As former Chief Medical Officer of one of America's largest states, Dr. Thorpe is uniquely positioned to alert the public about the dangers of socialized medicine. He is one of less than a handful of political candidates who has both the credentials and the personality to be effective on this issue.
  • Over the past two years, Dr. Thorpe has worked with education advocates and small business leaders to start the Thorpe Youth Initiative. His priorities are jobs, education and health care. Unlike 90% of candidates, he has detailed specifics on each of these key issues that have been analyzed and vetted. He's ready to lead. At a time when people are fed up with both parties and their emphasis on doing everything to save large corporations, in Thorpe we have a chance to rally around a candidate who recognizes that small businesses are the bedrock of our job market and who puts families and individuals first. In fact, these issues are at the very core of his candidacy (see and for more on these issues).

As the first African-American candidate to announce his candidacy for an open Senate seat in 2010, Dr. Thorpe is uniquely positioned to bring minorities into the Republican fold by stressing moral and ethical values.

Perhaps most importantly, the likely Democratic challenger will be Kendrick Meek. Obama can rally the same areas that turned out for him to support Meek in the midterm. Barack Obama campaigning for a strong minority candidate would be intense and highly effective. This may be what caused former Gov. Jeb Bush not to pursue this race. But any effect is greatly mooted by nominating an experienced African-American candidate on our side. Barack Obama would look petty, not inspiring, if campaigning against Dr. Marion Thorpe. Better than any other candidate, Marion Thorpe can stop Kendrick Meek and the Obama machine in its tracks. Marion Thorpe has spent years bringing the conservative message to African-American churches and has recruited thousands of new GOP supporters in the heart of South Florida. Just think what he can accomplish statewide!

Simply put, for all of the reasons outlined above, Marion Thorpe is the most electable candidate. He's also the only one who can properly fight against socialized medicine and can grow our base as a party by showing people of all races that sincerity matters far more than anything else. For these reasons I urge you to join the Thorpe for Senate campaign and get your friends to do so as well.

Here's what you can do to keep this Senate seat in GOP hands:

  • Invite your friends to join this facebook group
  • Contact me if you are interested in blogging to promote this most needed candidacy
  • Get involved as a precinct captain or as a Leader for Thorpe
  • Host a party or a get together for Thorpe
  • Tell all of your friends to get involved in this unique campaign and join the facebook group

Now let's win this one together!

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