Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bernard Sansaricq Decries Democratic Double Standard in Nomination of Judge Sotomayor

Congressional Candidate Bernard Sansaricq issued a statement denouncing the Democratic double standard that has permeated the debate over the nomination of Appellate Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court.

“The rush to confirm Judge Sotomayor prior to her being properly vetted is premature. But far more disturbing are the accusations of racism that many Democrats have made toward those who take pause at certain past statements made by the nominee. It should be noted that many of these same Democrats, including President Obama, tried to prevent so much as an up or down for the nomination of Justice Alito,” said Sansaricq, the Republican challenger to Representative Alcee Hastings for Florida’s 23rd congressional district.

Sansaricq continued, “Most disturbing of all is the double standard that has met this nomination when compared to that of Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. No one has ever suggested that the unsubstantiated and often provably false mudslinging at Justice Thomas, the second African-American justice ever to be nominated, was racially motivated. Yet mere question of Judge Sotomayor’s qualifications or past comments are met with accusations of ethnic bias. This double standard is wrong and needs to be exposed for what it is.”

Congressman Alcee Hastings, who Sansaricq is seeking to unseat, previously served as a Carter appointed federal judge, prior to being impeached by Congress in 1989. Hastings has most recently come under fire from the Law Enforcement Examiner for his proposal of Bill HR 645, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, which the Examiner excoriated as a call for make shift prison camps throughout the United States.

Sansaricq served as President of the Senate in Haiti from 1991-1994 and led the struggle for human rights in that country. In 1964, Sansaricq saw 13 members of his family killed by the Duvalier regime which then ruled Haiti. His life was again endangered in the late 1980s, forcing him to seek refuge in the Argentine embassy.

Having lived in America for decades in between, Sansaricq returned to the United States in 1994 and has led the struggle for better economic conditions for South Florida’s most economically depressed areas ever since. His platform calls for a complete economic redevelopment of the 23rd congressional district. To this end, Sansaricq is currently working with leading small business development consultant and candidate for State Representative Yomin Postelnik, to formulate a comprehensive small business regrowth plan for South Florida’s economy.

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