Friday, April 09, 2010

Edward Lynch in Florida 19, A Race That Will Reverberate Throughout the Nation

Edward Lynch allows Americans to take a stand against the insanity of the Obama administration and to send a message that will be heard louder than the victory of Massachusetts’ Scott Brown. With a special election being held in Florida this Tuesday, the stakes cannot be higher, and every American who cares needs to make it their business to elect Ed Lynch.

A vote for the Democrat is a rubber stamp of Obama’s sickening attack on seniors (otherwise known as “Obamacare”). It’s a rubber stamp of this administration’s shameless abandonment of this nation’s allies. Worst of all, it’s a rubber stamp of this administration’s treacherous abandonment of America’s own national security interests.

Edward Lynch is the perfect candidate at the right time. He’s been the first to denounce each and every one of Obama’s shameful (and at this point downright despicable) acts against the interests of this nation. He’s a true friend of seniors and a true friend of America’s allies, be they Honduras or be they Israel.

Obama can coddle every Marxist and every terrorist across the globe. If our country is to countermand the stupidity that emanates from the Oval Office then we must make it our business to elect people of principle, men and women who will stand up for what is right. And we can start doing so today, with the election of Edward Lynch.

A vote for the Democrats is a dangerous sign. Florida’s 19th district is made up heavily of seniors and of Jewish Americans. If seniors can vote in favor of the most anti-senior administration in this nation’s history, then they show that their votes are a given. And if any of my fellow Jews can vote Democrat after Obama’s ransacked America’s national security, canceled sales of arms to Israel and refused to approve a visa for any Israeli nuclear scientist, while at the same time reversing the ban on terrorist sympathizer Tariq Ramadan, then I don’t know what to say. I guess some Jews would have been ingenious enough to vote for Arafat too, if only he had promised them “hope and change.”

Here’s what I can tell you; A vote for the Democrats on Tuesday sends a message to the Obama administration that Jews, who should understand the terror threat more than anyone else – not to mention the horrific results of the unchecked actions of depraved lunatics, will stand by his side no matter what he does to harm America or to harm Israel. A vote for the Democrats on Tuesday also shows Obama that seniors can be taken for granted and so can their votes.

You may be a lifelong Democrat. To be sure, the Democratic Party has offered up its share of compelling candidates over the years. Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson embody what the Democratic Party used to be. But the insane cast of clowns now leading Washington, who have printed over 15 trillion dollars in the last year alone thereby endangering the American dollar in a way that would have been unthinkable ever before, need to be put in check.

This administration has projected weakness while openly coddling every known enemy of America throughout the world, has depleted our resources and is now seeking to impose energy taxes designed to bankrupt low income families or to leave them without air conditioning or heat. It’s time to stop caring about party and time to start caring for the future of the nation. If the Republican Party is the only one projecting sanity on any of these issues, then do what most Democrats would have done 40 years ago. Join it. Or at least vote for its candidates.

No matter where you are, if you care about the future of America, spend the next few days making sure that Democrats get the message loud and clear. The Daily Kos has already written that a victory in FL-19 would be more shocking than the victory of Scott Brown. The numbers are doable, if we all pull through. Visit or call 561-245-8295 to get involved. America demands nothing less and saving it is our priority.

Washington won’t change until we shock the system. A victory in Florida 19 is doable, as even the Democrats are now admitting, and real “change” requires nothing less.

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